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let us after the last weekend in the game to see X15+ SL Adidas football shoes and then carefully observe it, this is the first SL version of the Adidas in May 2015 after the launch of the X version of the product. this season we have a taste of the second generation of ACE and free version of the ACE + Purecontrol football shoes, but X series version upgrade until the European Cup and the America's cup is coming when was long overdue. Come early as come coincidentally, weekend's European X15+ SL have to we show the IT coveted beautiful appearance and strong combat capability. Adidas X15+ SL streamlined stunning appearance in the European Cup and Adidas Cup warm-up match plus many, lightweight design makes the X 15.1 more high-end. As a lightweight Adidas products only after 2014, a new design of X-CAGE TPU material collocation let it have amazing speed and attractive appearance. new three level x-skin uppers, can provide all-weather performance comfort, provides agility to ensure lightweight design. Improved fashionable shoes collar provides more appropriate ankle joint locking and slightly adjusting the x-claw at the end of the remains the most solid support.Nike LeBron 11 Low GS exposure 2014-02-24 21:07:11 LeBron himself pro wear during All-Star Weekend LeBron 11 Low, and recently GS version of this exposure, we have reason to believe that Nike LeBron 11 Low distance we are getting closer. The exposure of the female models shoes, white shoes with green texture. We will continue to focus on relevant information and timely reports to everyone. Air Jordan 14 2014 sale date to determine 2014-02-24 21:04:20 2014 ?? Air Jordan engraved plan al Cheap jordans online so includes the classic Air Jordan 14, the two were now determined to use the black and yellow and black and white color, would be held on July 4 and September 20 to meet with you more news please pay attention to the follow-up reports SIZE shoes reported. University of Connecticut women's basketball has really striking strength in the recently conducted WNCAA finals, University of Connecticut Huskies women's basketball team won the final championship, and the school's sponsor Nike to celebrate the school's tenth crown, especially for creating a pair of do not note version of Nike Kobe X, the whole body of the shoe selection Mauve constituted a modified red lining and laces, tongue then use to create deep purple, golden Swoosh dotted shoes, while the inside of the tongue embroidered with golden "2015" and "CHAMPS", indicating their perfect theme! New Balance 576 & quot; Race Day & quot; color Release 2013-12-08 23:04:44 The classic New Balance 576 has another new color, the "Race Day" gentleman of color inspired by the equestrian sport, which includes "The Fighter" and "The Legend" two different colors, are used texture rich dark brown suede and leather uppers to create, and then were lined with red and blue as well as details of the outline. The elements of equestrian sports is reflected in the equestrian clothes and horses on the insole pattern on the tongue. It is reported that this series will be rich in the next month, the specific release details, please continue to focus our follow-up reports. in October 26th, "the protection strategy" trademark and Design Forum, Lovells international law firm Beijing Office of the field of in Retro jordans for sale tellectual property consultant, senior lawyer JJ Lin said, China enterprises to enter the European market, must establish a trademark protection strategy. "trademark, patent protection has become a great obstacle to domestic enterprises to" go out ", China overseas protection of intellectual property rights has become the pain of cutting one's body China." JJ Lin says. "in fact, applying for EU trademark formalities is simple and inexpensive, and can start application, objection, registration and cancellation procedures to a single agency, and the 25 member countries of the European Union."." Lovells international law firm partner, director of Spain Alicante intellectual property expert Verena introduces the application and process of protection of EU trademark and design, "the EU trademark is the best choice in the EU approved registration, and Chinese registered trademark in the EU is also very necessary". but Verena also reminded China enterprises, EU trademark registration is very attractive, but China enterprises also pay attention to their own problems of EU trademark exist, because third people can be any prior trademark an EU member state based on the withdrawal, in addition, the EU law only provides protection registered trademark, unregistered trademark protection program can only be carried out according to the national laws of member states. This is obviously different from the practice of protecting unregistered trademarks in different countries. Therefore, the timely registration of EU trademarks is of great significance. "in the next 5 years, China's intellectual property law services will soar.". buy cheap jordans online But if the Chinese enterprises reach the international standard in the management of intellectual property rights, they need three breakthroughs: the CEO concept, the company structure and the quality of the company lawyers." JJ Lin in an interview with reporters on the management of intellectual property rights of Chinese enterprises put forward the above recommendations. (Editor: admin)Nike-Air-Max-1-Essential-537383-065-black-cool-grey-university-red-1.jpg (111.08 KB, download number: 0) download Nike Air Max 1 Heathered Cool Grey 2015-11-28 20:20 upload design, compared to the Ross generation of signature shoes -- adizero Rose 1 and adizero Rose 1.5 share at the end of the upper reform, this time as the Ross second adizero Rose 2 orthodox signature shoe, can be called a revolution, a "full light speed" of the revolution. in the abandoned Ross season signature shoes adizero Rose 1 round up other, adizero Rose 2 began to become clear lines, streamline the full sense. The Chinese for limited edition of Ross is the two generation of red color, Depthless heat of Chicago traditional red, the rich collocation brushed metal texture, vamp make adizero Rose 2 index "speed and passion of Fengcheng rose", also with blue and black two color laces for fans to do different choices. In October, the two generation of Ross listed in China will have many different colors. During the trip to China, the whole black color matching version of Ross will be one of them. last season, Adidas's history of the lightest basketball shoes adizero Crazy Light, let Ross in the playoffs, "invincible", let Chicago return to the top teams. Nowadays, as the second generation jordans on sale online signature shoes of Ross, adizero Rose 2, on the basis of Ross's adizero and Crazy Light's appeal for speed and design, has endowed it with a new interpretation of "all light and full speed" spirit. It uses a new elastic strap and upper high help design, make this the fastest player in the league, in the light of shoes have the signature at the same time, with the hitherto unknown comfortable fit ankle protection. follows the adizero Crazy Light SPRINT WEB shoe upper, and the mature SPRINT FRAME bearing tray, all will become Ross's new season full tilt full speed guarantee. SPRINT WEB shoe upper, the use of accurate calculation of the weight of the shoes to the lightest, while significantly increasing the air permeability of the shoes. The SPRINT FRAME tray is also designed with a freely adjustable detachable tie strap, providing a 360 degree omni-directional protection for the player's ankle when it changes rapidly, and at the same time, giving it high flexibility. So that the wearer of adizero Rose 2 gets the most personalized comfort protection, whether for Ross who keeps improving speed or for speed fans. , this time, Ross, a friendly messenger, has also brought a limited amount of adizero Rose 2 to Chinese fans, which is also full of cultural elements of Shanghai sister city Chicago. As a symbol of the speed of a city, the subway developed by Ross will become an important symbol of the city in the three places of Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. So, the Chinese line limit a is wrong??????mens wallet brands myer Tonight on Supernatural Subtitles jessica simpson sunglasses review Kitchen Queen Eats Clean Sweet Potato Chocolate Chip Cookies walle jordans for sale t brands myer Tonight on Supernatural Subtitles" /〉 air force white sneakers gifset Jensen about the most emotional scene this season JibCon Jensen mens wallet brands myer Tonight on Supernatural Subtitles [CONVERSE] shoes net's high-end line series First String this season will return, will bring a new Chuck Taylor All Star'70 for us, the brand level for the two version, the designer with roses and camouflage texture with rendering on vamp, and finally to the classic big bottom, creating a whole a street of breath feeling. It is reported that the series has been sold at designated retail stores. 〈br (Global shoes network editor plum)The famous French brand Louis Vuitton is undoubtedly the king of the global luxury brands, while the Air Jordan series also occupies an irreplaceable position in the hearts of the world's shoes fans. We have been looking at the customized custom version of "shoe fan customization", which is based on the concept of luxury. Today, another new Louis Vuitton is designed for exposure to the internet. This version of the well-known custom team Dank Customs himself, using Air Jordan 4 as the design blueprint, the symbol of the noble light brown and purple as the upper main tone, and presented with tassels shoelaces, its custom tongue and gold insole also revealed luxury style. Of course, the wooden shoebox and shoe last, which are indispensable to luxury goods, are indispensable accessories. air-jordan-4-louis-vuitton-don-custom-for-wale-6.jpg (338.44 KB, download times: 0) download attachment Air Jordan 4, Louis, Vuitton, Don, personal Custom Edition, 2014-12-18 upload at 12:39 air-jord jordan retro 14 white/fuchsia blast/black an-4-louis-vuitton-don-custom-for-wale-1.jpg (332.04 KB, download times: 12) download attachment Air Jordan 4, Louis, Vuitton, Don, personal Custom Edition, 2014-12-18 upload at 12:37 air-jordan-4-louis-vuitton-don-custom-for-wale-5.jpg (289.25 KB, download times: 12) download attachment Air Jordan 4, Louis, Vuitton, Don, personal Custom Edition, 2014-12-18 upload at 12:41 air-jordan-4-louis-vuitton-don-custom-for-wale.jpg (215.36 KB, download times: 12) download attachment Air Jordan 4, Louis, Vuitton, Don, personal Custom Edition, 2014-12-18 upload at 12:39 a〉Earlier notice of this Footpatrol x New Balance 1500 Encyclopedia couplet works, will soon usher in January 24th officially released. Earlier we only saw part of the shoe, bringing more detail pictures. This 2012 British encyclopedia inspired by the creation of color, the whole body in black suede and leather combined to create, the golden details of the decoration is to highlight the superior quality. Interested friends can sell on January 24th, the day concerned about Foot Patrol, the color price of 145 pounds. footpatrol-new-balance-1500-encyclopaedia.jpg (127.79 KB, download times: 0) download attachment Footpatrol x New Balance 1500 Encyclopedia 2015-1-21 upload at 13:11 footpatrol-new-balance-1500-encyclopaedia-10.jpg (108.28 KB, download times: 0) download attachment Footpatrol x New Balance 1500 Encyclopedia 2015-1-21 upload at 13:11 footpatrol-new-balance-1500-encyclopaedia-9.jpg (96.29 KB, download times: 0) download attachment Footpatrol x New Balance 1500 Encyclopedia 2015-1-21 upload at 13:10 footpatrol-new-balance-1500-encyclopaedia-3.jpg (114.13 KB, download times: 0) download attachment Footpatrol x New Balance 1500 Encyclopedia 2015-1-21 upload at 13:10 footpatrol-new-balance-1500-encyclopaedia-2.jpg (148.39 KB, download times: 0) download attachment Footpatrol x New Ba〉 Beijing time on the evening of September 11th, the Russian authorities to combat the "gray customs clearance" as an excuse to Moscow Asta (ACT) market have been raided, seized in the warehouse of Chinese shoes, clothing, socks and other commodities, goods worth about $2 billion 100 million. Yesterday afternoon, the reporter contacted the president of the Federation of overseas Chinese in Zhejiang, Russia, Yu Anlin. Yu Anlin said that doing business in the Chinese market Astaire almost everyone has a loss, which Wenzhou has more than 400 involved, involving an amount of $1 billion. Wenzhou business suffered a "unexpected" October 16th at 2:10 in the afternoon, Vanward City Hotel four floor room Howard Johnson, a theme of "Wenzhou shoe industry in response to the Russian market Astaire seizure will discuss" the meeting for the more than 200 people. The seizure of Russia was undoubtedly their conversation. "This is just like stunned, we export shoes also pay taxes to get in." Ouhai shoe enterprises responsible person said, this time in Russia was seized shoes worth about 4000000 yuan, the loss is very large. Astaire market is Russia's largest commodity wholesale market, from the beginning of the last century in 90s, it was China businessman gold treasure, also brought together a large number of Wenzhou shoe dealers. This time Russia seized the incident involving more than 2000 domestic enterprises, involving Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Fujian, Shandong, Sichuan Province, is the history of the largest amount of a seizure. insiders said, involving Wenzhou more than 400 shoe enterprises, mostly small shoe factory, once the event in negative direction, some smaller factories may suffer heavy losses, even closed down due to funding strand breaks. our city shoe enterprises official said, now they encounter the biggest problem is the formalities. It requires not only a formal customs clearance formalities, also must have a market with Astaire warehouse lease contract incorporated in a local company, hire accountants, accounting and other procedures as the russians. This is a small business began a little bigger business, the difficulty is very great. the departments concerned are actively running after the incident, the municipal government and the foreign economic and trade departments attach great importance to. Led by deputy mayor Chen Hongfeng, and foreign economic and Trade Bureau and the city shoe industry association related personnel rushed to Beijing, subject to the Ministry of Commerce. 〈 /)After seeing McLaren Beach Concours d'Elegance Pebble for the launch of the show special edition P1 and 650S Spider, the McLaren's P1 to commemorate the 20th anniversary birthday of the launch of a track version of the McLaren P1 GTR. This P1 based on the top R & D run, the more in line with the aerodynamic design, rear diffuser and air inlets are more aggressive, new side skirts also highlight its track status; power, McLaren P1 GTR equipped with a 3.8 liter twin turbo V8 engine, maximum output of up to 1000. However, HP, the UK market price will be up to 1 million 980 thousand pounds, and only accept the existing P1 owners reservation. mclaren-p1-gt3-4-960x640.jpg (63.92 KB, download number: 12) download McLaren P1 GTR price supercar 2014-8-17 20:49 upload mclaren-p1-gt3-2-960x640.jpg (73.3 KB, download number: 13) download McLaren P1 GTR price supercar 2014-8-17 20:49 upload mclaren-p1-gt3-1-960x640.jpg (62.98 KB, download number: 12) download McLaren P1 GTR price supercar 2014-8-17 20:49 upload mclaren-p1-gt3-3-960x640.jpg (66.77 KB, download number: 12) download McLaren P1 GTR price supercar 2014-8-17 McLaren P1 GTR 20:49 upload, super car 00Who says UltraBOOST must use PrimeKnit as vamp. Recently, JBF Customs, the custom tailor of shoes, redesigned the shoes, and made use of bare leather and Missoni cloth to create vamp, making this popular running shoes new look. Vamp adopts stitching method, with rich layers and outstanding texture. Full palm BOOST midsole ensures the comfortable wearing experience of the shoes. When you see these shoes, how big is your brain cavity and do not customize it?Ronnie Fieg x Puma Disc Blaze OG " Cove" 2013-12-08 22:43:03; design exposure now in fashion in the limelight of American shoe designer Ronnie Fieg recently have a new action, today Ronnie Fieg in the Instagram exposure on a pair of new shoes, the Ronnie Fieg teamed up with Puma, the Ronnie Fieg x to create a double Puma Disc Blaze OG " Cove". The shoes in the design is still using the Ronnie Fieg the iconic water blue tone, do not know where the Ronnie Fieg addition, Puma this pair of classic shoes can reproduce the brilliant again.